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These washi tapes are ok for their price. They are most definitely dupes of a brand called Card Lover. Their image quality is not as high as the original, colors are duller and images are grainy. Assuming this is because of poor scanning of the higher quality washi tape images. I noticed that their is a seam where the image repeats on the tape. The seam is much more visible on some of the cheaper tapes. Parts of the images do get cut off since the tapes are cut twice. Leaving you with "extra" washi tapes, if you so choose to use them. The brand Card Lover's washi tapes are larger and come in a little dispenser box. These amazon fakes are smaller all come in one plastic box. Overall they are decent for the price. I've not had the easily ripping issue others have had, but would agree the images are dull. I believe some the photos used to sell them maybe the original brand's stock images and not photos of these actual washi tapes. If you want the higher quality ones it looks like you'll have to stick with Etsy and paying a higher price.These are not what I expected, but I really like them. When I first opened the package, I was dismayed. The outer wrapping was dirty and open and the colors looked muddy and drab. It was hard to tell what the patterns were by looking at the rolls. HOWEVER, actually using the tape turned me around completely. The designs are delicate and muted, but on paper they’re beautiful. You wouldn’t want to use them on a dark or busy background, though. I’m attaching two photos showing how they look on cream paper in my bullet journal.These are just like the picture. There’s a skinny remnant of tape between the rolls that can be used as thinner rolls of washy tape.Patterns looked ok but in person they are so so. Several of them I could not use in a 12 inch strip. A mountain scape has a gondola every 4 inches, same with the farm fields there is a telephone pole. Other rolls have roof tops, Dutch windmills, child. The 24 rolls are 5/8" wide then there was 24 1/8" rolls. almost looked like a manufacturing error, but they will be more usable as they are more of a "color" vs a pattern. Tape adheres well. Almost too well as it is very hard to get tape off the roll. For every 10 inches probably waste 2-3 inches trying to get it off the roll without it doing the diagonal tear. I received as a gift, (although I did put them on my stocking stuffer list), I would not recommend or buy again for anything other than using on the backside of the gutted scrapbook page or behind brads. For that purpose it is a great value.Was really disappointed when I noticed that these were not the washi tapes I ordered. I got a random mix of tapes barely any of them have to do with the seasons. Last time I checked donuts are not a season nor are peacock feathers. So beware if you wanted the washi tapes in the picture.I recently learned about how Japan has microseasons, a concept I'm pretty enchanted by, as a way to mark the passing of time a little better than just looking at what month it is. This tape set contains one roll to represent each of the little seasons. It's awesome if you Bullet Journal or anything like that, and want to keep time with nature as the year progresses. The tape rolls are a good size - enough to do lots of pages. The quality is nice. I'd buy them again for myself or for a gift.I was very surprised to find that these actually come with a smaller version of each of them. It’s like a thinner wheel of the same size as the regular one. The thin wheels sit right up next to the regular tape in the package and you will probably see what I mean by the pictures. Overall, the product is great, it looks amazing, is quite durable for washi tape, and Thisbe is definitely worth the money you pay.I have never written a review before but was utterly disappointed. Not only were none of the tape the designs shown in the image, 7 of the rolls were duplicated so there were only 17 designs! They were so different- one of the rolls has flamingos. Would never buy again! Buyer beware. Washi Masking Tape Set of 24,Decorative Masking Tape Collection, Arts, Crafts Sewing => Crafting => Craft Supplies => Adhesives => Arts Crafts Tape MILLIE#39;S SIPPING BROTH Steepable Sipping Broth with Tomato, Discount Online Outlet Shop Shop Online Cheapest MILLIE#39;S SIPPING BROTH Steepable Sipping Broth with Tomato, Popular overseas 24 Rolls in One Set: The washi tape set includes 24 rolls measuring 15 mm wide x 4 meters long, different pattern washi tapes for different use, which will offer you multiple choices. ★【Fantastic Colorful Design】 24 Different patterns and colors: maple leaf, lotus, birds, snow mountain, pine tree, windmill, butterfly, green grass, lovely flowers, deer, snow flakes, pastel washi tape, various types of floral style. Features: ☑ Write on them ☑ Tear by hand ☑ Unstick and Reposition ☑ Premium Japanese Paper ☑ No sticky residue ☑ No damage to walls and furniture ☑ No Ordor. Making it a great craft tape set of fall, winter, spring and summer patterns! High Quality: KOVANO is so proud to supply premium quality masking tape bulk in many years, which is made of high grade Japanese paper and safe to adults and kids. Fun DIY crafts decorative tape is ideal for gift cards, and gift wraping, festivals, packaging, crafts projects, frame walls, lamps, photo frames, computer monitors, books, storage box, stickers, bookmarkers, calendars, vision boards supplies,scrapbooks, keyboards, wrappers or pencils, bullet journels and planners; perfect for kids, teenagers and adults. Product Description Featuring traditional, whimsical designs, our four seasons is perfect for scrapbooking, customizing gift wrap, and crafting holiday home décor! From dainty spring blossoms to nostalgic snowy Christmas scenes, the darling little motifs will beautify all your craft projects in a totally unique way. Soft shades, painterly brush strokes, and delicate pencil drawings give this Japanese tape a grown-up look. Add this pack of 24 rolls to your craft supplies now so you have the right for every holiday occasion! Features Multi-Use: Perfect For Planners, Scrapbooks, Bullet Journal, Embellishments, Card Making, Gift Wrapping, Parties, Diy Craft Project, Decor, Etc. if you have a question, a problem or a query with anything you've bought from us then we want to hear it.

People aged 18 to 29 can now use the national booking service to make an appointment to get their jab at one of thousands of centres across the country.

NHS staff are prioritising booked jabs so the best way to ensure you get your booster is to make an appointment.

If you are aged 18 or over, or are already eligible, please come forward for your booster vaccination now. You can now book your booster for three months after your last dose using the National Booking Service or by calling 119.

Please visit for information on who is eligible and how to get your booster.

Shop Online Cheapest MILLIE#39;S SIPPING BROTH Steepable Sipping Broth with Tomato, Popular overseas

our extended warranty programme, covers part replacements and includes a buyback option in case repair is not possible. MILLIE#39;S SIPPING BROTH Steepable Sipping Broth with Tomato, Cell Phones Accessories => Cases, Holsters Sleeves => Basic Cases Compatible Model: Wireless charging compatible and ONLY Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro 6.1", not fit iPhone 13 Mini 5.4"/iPhone 13 6.1"/iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7", please check the phone model before buying. Without Built-in Screen Protector:In order to help customers get the best experience on original Phone screen, this case does not contain built-in screen protector. Multi-layer Full Protection: Drop protection, scratch and dust protection, shockproof protect your iPhone 13 Pro 6.1" from drops, dirty and daily adventures.With this case,your new phone could survive from any fall Screen Camera Protection: Featuring with Raised front edge lips and lens lips, the smart phone case cover offers strong protection for your phone screen camera lens when fell down and in everyday wear Touch Sensitive: Precise cutouts on iPhone 13 Pro 6.1" bumper Case enable easy access to all buttons, ports and camera, Port covers keep out dust and debris. Product Description FYSZBOX iPhone 13 Pro 6.1" 2021 Case Full Body Heavy Duty Rugged Protection Cover,Drop Proof/Shockproof Military Grade Protective Phone Case Drop Protection this iPhone 13 Pro 6.1 inch 2021 case can withstand shocks and scratches. Durable protection shields against drops, bumps and fumbles and raised, beveled edge helps protect touchscreen Dust Protection Port plugs lock out dust, dirt and grime so your device stays clean and debris free Multi-Layer Protection 3-Layer structure provides 360 degree full body rugged protection. Please note that this case without a built-in Screen protector. Accurate Cutout: Easy access to the buttons, ports, and features Wireless Charging Support Compatibility iPhone 13 Pro 6.1 inch 2021 release FYSZBOX for iPhone 13 Pro 6.1#34; Case Triple Layer Shockproof Shop Online Cheapest MILLIE#39;S SIPPING BROTH Steepable Sipping Broth with Tomato, Popular overseas Max 84% OFF The media could not be loaded.  The instruction manual shows an outer screen protector yet the package I got did not include one. Either someone dropped the ball or this is false advertising, but either way, this is the first video review I’ve ever create because of this mistake. You had one job to include the outer screen protector, and the seller failed at it, unfortunately.Just as good as the otter box brand without the steep price. I do wish it wasn’t screenless, but seems like they are all like that now. Fits my 13 pro perfectly.It won’t charge with the Apple magcharger, but it does charge on the charging pad in my van with no issues.I quickly needed a travel belt clip for my new iPhone, and from the few that were available soon after launch, I decided to try this one. It was exceptionally difficult for me to dis-assemble in preparation for installing the phone - and believe it resulted in the parts being slightly stretched apart. Installing the phone and re-assembling the pieces was easy enough. Once together, it was somewhat snug, but not 100% so. The belt-clip portion of the holder is fine. I would say that, for the price, it is adequate for now until a better option comes along.Product is as advertised. Love it for my phone. I like that the edges around the screen and camera are raised higher than other cases. I drop my phone often so I needed something sturdy but cute and this fits just right. Bought a screen cover to go along with it. The outer rubber feels nice to hold. I prefer it over the smooth hard plastic.Looks identical to an otter box defender. Probably made by same company. Time will tell if it holds up but for I can buy 4 of these for what otter box costsI love this design, it’s a bit raised on the top end and bottom end but flat to the screen on the sides. The case was easy to put on and take apart. I also love the slimness of it compare to otterbox cases (although I still love otterbox) definitely one of my favorite cases!This case is exactly like the more expensive version. I’ve have the more expensive one on other phones and I can tell you this is just as good. I am definitely not worried about dropping my phone.So glad I bought this and didn’t spend the money on the expensive Otter one. It’s literally the same thing because I bought the expensive one for my iPhone 12 and compared it. Fits great, not slippery to hold, will last me!
Shop Online Cheapest MILLIE#39;S SIPPING BROTH Steepable Sipping Broth with Tomato, Popular overseas

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NHS delivers record daily number of boosters as vaccine drive surges forward

The NHS delivered the highest daily number of booster jabs on record yesterday (Tuesday) while bookings continue to surge, as the NHS COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues to expand. A total of 611,976 jabs were reported yesterday, including a daily high of 548,039 booster vaccines. The previous daily record was on Saturday (11 December) when 483,361 […]

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GPs and practice teams provide vital services for patients. They are at the heart of our communities, the foundation of the NHS.


Cancer outcomes have improved notably over recent years, including survival rates, which have never been higher.

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